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Bike videos

cycling symphonies: classical music on classic Dutch bikes

Watch cycling symphonies: a guerilla style hit and run concert tour on Dutch bicycles.


Dutch bicycles and Dutch choir singing on College Green

In the same 'Cycling Symphonies' concert, bear bicycles parked choir 'De Stemming' and its Dutch bicycles on College Green, for a guerilla style concert.


cycling symphonies: the making of

Dutch bicycles by bear are as sturdy as they get -- but if the tyres are inflated far beyond their capacity, you still get a blowout tyre. And that's exactly what happened here.


bikes for dads and princesses

Watch father and daughter cycle bear's delivery bicycle through Dublin's streets on their dad and princess day.


bikes for (bald) baristas

The bald barista - voted 'Dublin's best coffee' - cycles its delivery bicycle through Dublin. You see the bald barista bringing their own label 'Fixx' coffee through town with their delivery bike.


bikes for ladies

Watch a lady on a matte black Dutch bicycle by bear bicycles, cycling through Portobello, Dublin. Dutch bicycles by bear are suitable for Ladies, and for any one else who enjoys stylish and leisurely city cycling.


bikes for gentlemen

Watch a gentleman cycling a matte black bear bike along the Grand Canal in Dublin. Dutch bicycles by bear are suitable for Gentlemen, and any one else who enjoys cool and comfortable city cycling.


bikes for GoCar lovers

Watch a young man cycling to a GoCar stop in Dublin, to pick up a loved one. Dutch bicycles by bear are suitable for GoCar drivers, and for any one else who enjoys company on their bike.


bear bicycles - send your lover a saddle cover

On Valentine's Day 2011, don't saddle for less. Have bear's Valentine bikers deliver your lover a saddle cover; along with your personal note, song, poem.


Dutch bicycles by bear - our specifications

Dutch bicycles by bear are high quality, sturdy bicycles. This video outlines the main technical specifications of our Dutch bicycles.