About bear bicyles

About bear bicyles

Dublin presence; Amsterdam roots

Our business is inspired by our lives in Amsterdam; where our roots lie. There, Dutch bicycles have made the city sustainable, its people healthy, its traffic flowing. We’ve witnessed how (delivery) bikes replace cars - for shopping, for kids-transport, for fun (read our blog 'Dutch in Dublin' to find out more). We offer Dublin the best of that way of life. Not from a distance, but right here - based in Dublin.

Visit us

Visit us in Greenaer, 12a Magennis Place, Pearse street, Dublin 2

Dutch bicycles and delivery bicycles

All our bicycles are urban bicycles, and allow you to sit upright and overlook the city scenery. Our Dutch bicycles are high quality, hand made in Holland, and uniquely designed for us. Our delivery bicyles are by Bakfiets.nl – Amsterdam’s leading designer of delivery bicycles. Visit our bicycle shop, and have a closer look.

Dutch bicycle accessories

Bear’s bicycle accessories represent the typically Dutch cycling culture. With funky apparel and valve LED lights, we assure you feel safe and stylish. Our pannier bags and crates are colourful and functional; and all you need for shopping. Saddle caps and crate covers bring in the extra fun. And why not place a take out coffee in our bicycle cup holder? And there’s more – visit our bicycle accessories shop.