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Why bear bicycles

Why bear bicycles

bear bicycles and quality


Here are some reasons why we are so confident about the quality of our Dutch bicycles and delivery bicycles:

  • Bear’s Dutch bicycles have a rock solid three layer powder coating, applied to a zinc base layer
  • The tubes and mudguards on our Dutch bicycles also a zinc foundation been beneath the layer of lacquer – even in the hollow spots. This virtually rules out all chance for rust
  • Our bicycles frames have oversized tubes – this makes the bike significantly stronger (but hardly heavier). More important: it gives the most stable ride there is. Finally, our frames also have a smart geometry, making your ride comfortable and effortless
  • Spokes are made of stainless steel, and fit seamlessly into the spoke naves in the rims – reducing spokes breaking by 80%. Our spokes are also extra strong: with a minimal size of 2.35 mm (spoke size 13)
  • All cables (e.g. on handbrakes or gears) are made of stainless steel and are coated in Teflon, to ensure long, carefree, supple use
  • All our components are of the highest quality. Whenever possible, we use stainless steel
  • Bear’s Dutch bicycles have extra sturdy rims
  • Bear’s Dutch bicycles have anti puncture tyres
  • All welded parts of bear’s Dutch bicycles have been given second treatment with copper alloy. This enhances the strength of the connections, and greatly reduces rust
  • Bear’s Dutch bikes are handmade in Holland: Dutch craftsmen take great care for the assembly of each one of our bikes
  • All bike components have been thoroughly tested for wear, breakage and corrosion. We only use the best components, which meet our strict quality criteria.


what customers say about our Dutch bicycles

We would love to tell you more, why we love our bicycles products. But instead, we’ll let our customers do the talking:

"I ride a hybrid bicycle which gets me from A to B but it wasn't until I tried the undeniably lovely Bear Dutch bike that I realized the comfort I was missing out on... it was like moving from a bar stool to a nice comfy armchair, from a Ford Focus to a limousine! It's matte black finish and posture-perfect dimensions left me with no alternative but to trade in my old bike for this, more beautiful and more comfortable classical bicycle!"

"Cycling on a bear bicycle is comfortable city cycling. With style."

"I met with the very friendly and informative Phillip and Joni at their Bear Bicycle storage facility in Portobello and test rode the Dutch bicycle Oma version. It felt strong, sturdy, safe and smooth. The bicyle has a great design and is beautiful looking. The seating position and wide handlebars not only enable a smooth bike ride but better visibility in traffic. As well as being an affordable and high quality bike, this Dutch bike has double brakes. No awkward back pedal brakes to be found here. If you like cycling for safety, comfort and style, this is the bike for you."