Social Cycling: Trinity Student Connie

Today we present Connie! Connie bought her old Raleigh bicycle two years ago in England for 30 pounds and brought it over by plane to Dublin.

Connie studies at Trinity College
She studies in Trinity college and has been using her bike every day for the last two years  from Rathmines to Trinity College, she cycles as a pack with all her friends who live with her in the same student residence. She particularly enjoys the cycle lane along the canal .

A funny anecdote was when she was cycling her usual route;  behind a mum with her young kid on her bike, the toddler was carrying a massive lolly pop that he (unintentionally) swung into Connie’s face as she was cycling by.. Nothing serious just a smack and a good laugh…

Cycling the Facebook bicycle through Dublin

Posting about cyclists we meet on the streets of Dublin is part of Bear’s ‘How social is your cycle? campaign’. With this campaign Bear wants to highlight how social cycling is compared to sitting in a car. It is a great way to increase your social network!

Bear's customised Facebook bike

Apr 30, 2012

Social cycling: meeting Paddy the film director

On the streets of Dublin we met Paddy. Paddy is a film director and an active member of the Dublin Cycling Campaign. He shared his thoughts about social cycling with us:

“My fondest memory of cycling in Dublin was one summer night after a great session with friends.  I took one of the Dublin Bikes at 5 am going home, and went cruising through the empty streets, the sunrise was on the horizon and I felt like the city was mine…”

Irish film director Paddy Cahill

“I find cycling to be a very social activity especially when you have a different looking bike, other cyclists are quick to chat and ask about it. Cyclists are like dog walkers, quickly find a common ground and break the ice. My recipe against loneliness is simple: get yourself a cool bike and a dog!”

Meeting Paddy Cahill

Paddy uses his bike for his work, he brings all his filming equipment on his front carrier. Curious about Paddy’s work? Check out his website:

Customised Facebook bike by bear bicycles

This post is part of Bear bicycles’ How Social is your Cycle Campaign to highlight the social aspects of cycling.

Apr 25, 2012

Social Cycling: meeting Alan and Mabel

While cycling on our Facebook bike through Dublin, we met Alan and his daughter Mabel. They where cycling along the Grand Canal. Well, Mabel was. For her it was one of the first cycles without her side wheels and we must say; she was cycling like a star! Alan, who has cycled for almost 30 years without his side wheels, was walking beside his bike; unfortunately his tyre got punctured. But Alan and Mabel still enjoyed their time cycling and walking along the canal. It was nice to meet you!

How social is your cycle

The bear bicycles' customised Facebook bike

Writing about cyclists that we meet on Dublin’s streets is part of our How Social is your Cycle Campaign. So stay tuned for more social cycling stories!

Bear bicycles'Facebook bicycle

How social is your cycle?

Billy hasn’t got a Facebook account, but he does have a Facebook bike. With that bike he cycles through Dublin and meets a lot of people. With every cycle his social network increases.

Billy and his Facebook bike

This month Billy and the bear bicycles team will use the Facebook bike to cycle through Dublin, talk to Dubliners and make our social network bigger. We will write about the people we meet and post pictures of social cyclists. And we invite you all to participate in our campaign! So post your pictures that show how social cycling is to our Facebook wall. We give away 5 colourful ding dong bells for the nicest pictures.

Bear bicycles' Facebook bike


Bear bicycles are organising the ‘how social is you cycle-campaign’ to illustrate how social cycling is. You’re outside on the streets, not locked into a car and can easily interact with other cyclists or pedestrians. That can be by chatting, or just a friendly smile.
If you see us cycling around on our Facebook bike, please say hello!

Oct 11, 2011

Cycling Art Jury – Dave Douglas from ebow

We have closed the Cycling Art Contest, but still need to let the contestants know more about the persons who selected their art. So we introduce the third member of the Cycling Art Jury: David Douglas.

David, or Dave, is owner of ebow: Dublin’s favourite digital marketing agency. Dave and his team have helped the likes of Hairy Baby, GAA, and bear bicycles (forgive us for being vain and placing our name in that sequence) find a face on the web.

Dave understands digital marketing requires the right mix of design, art, creativity, technology and copywriting. On top of that, Dave is one of the few digital marketers to recognize the importance of offline presence for online companies. From our own experience as an online company, we know it’s not enough to simply upload photos into a web shop. To actually sell stuff, online companies also need to find a voice in the real world.

And that’s where ebow comes in.

One of ebow’s innovative approaches to giving online companies and real world presence, is Gallery Number One; an urban space on Castle Street that each season serves up a new arty exhibition for an online business. With that same gallery, ebow unlocked our Dutch bikes from their cyber prisons, and placed them in a light space with large windows, perched on a top of a hill, right across the street from Christchurch.

There, hanging from ceilings, standing on crates, or test cycling the area, our bikes got the chance to show themselves to the many Dubliners and tourists passing by. It has helped in putting our small startup on the map. We quadrupled our facebook fan base, we got active on Twitter (thanks to the webtips from ebow’s Elva), and our company got noticed by the Irish press.

As a result, we actually started selling bikes. For example: we sold a delivery bike to Steven in Belfast, and a red ladies bike to a lady from Brittany. But – and this really make us proud – we’ve also sold a bike to Dave himself.

So now, on top of affinity to art, Dave also has affinity to cycling.

In his recent blog on the 12 years of ebow, he even called out ‘the fact I can wear a Stones tee to work and cycle right up to my desk on my bike’ as one of the reasons he loves his work.

It is only logical, then, that Dave is also on board as a Jury Member.

We’re grateful to have him.


Sep 28, 2011

Love Bikes, Love Pasta

If you love biking, you will love pasta.

It’s no coincidence professional cyclists eat spaghetti for breakfast, before they start their Tour de France etappe of the day.

If you love biking, you will also love lovepasta.

Lovepasta makes fresh pasta, each day – and tops it off with delicious sauces. They are located in the old Harcourt Station Building, and they are hard to miss, thanks to their sleek branded bear bike.

If you’re around, drop by for lunch (or breakfast). You will love it.

Sep 27, 2011

Bear bicycle central in Easter Rising

In Margaret Skinnider’s fight for a free Ireland her bicycle had a central role. RTE is now showing a series on Monday nights about the Eater Rising in 1916.

Yesterday we saw Margaret Skinnider on TV, cycling one of our bear bikes.

Irish revolutionary woman cycing high nelly


Irish revolutionary woman on bear bicycle

Aug 31, 2011

bear and GreenAer in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is seen as Europe’s home of cycling. Even though it rains more there than it does in Dublin. To fully experience it, we took Ollie and Lisa (our friends from GreenAer) to Amsterdam so they could see it with their own eyes.

We had dinner on a house boat in the Amsterdam canals, we did a tour through the red-light district, but most importantly: we saw Dutch bicycles. Loads, and loads of Dutch bicycles. Our friends from Het Zwartefietsenplan (‘the Black Bike plan’; a shop selling Dutch bikes in Amsterdam) had even set up a tour through their business for us.

That tour, to us, was what a Bordeaux chateau visits must be red wine lovers.

Since you, our readers, like Dutch bicycles as well, we’re sharing some of our holiday pictures here.

Cool Customer: Steven Patterson

We recently received a letter with photo’s from Steven Patterson. Steven lives in Belfast, works for ‘Sustrans Northern Ireland‘, and has a wonderful young family. He is also our first customer in Northern Ireland to purchase a delivery bike. We’re so happy with the letter, that we’re sharing it here!
Hi Bear Bicycles!

Six months after we had our first daughter I was in Amsterdan for a reunion with some childhood friends and in between the rest of the fun I bought a child seat for the front of my bike.  This was great and from when Anna was a year old we cycled everywhere. When she was 3 she progresed to a back seat.

The arrival of our lovely twin girls in August 2010 presented us with a challenge as I wanted to get cycling with them as early as possible.  My wife would not be so confident cycling with babies so I had to find a bike that carried them both at once. Following a bit of web searching  the Bakfeits seemed to be the clear winner and my mind was made up after I saw the Princess Film on the Bear Bicycles site, but how to get one from England to Belfast was the next problem to over come.  Imagine my relief when it turns out Bear Bicycles had them imported and all I had to was to get it back from Dublin.

With a combination of bungees staps and removing car seats I squeezed it into an estate car and drove back to Belfast while the rest of the familly went by train.
Its a great bike to ride and Lily and Grace love it.  No matter how restless they are in the house – believe me, two babies crawling around the floor at times can be stressful, so getting out for a bike ride is great. The twins love it , looking around themselves, taking in nature and waving at people. I can also see what they are up to. We live beside a traffic free cycle route – the Comber Greenway which is heaven on earth and its nice to get away from traffic.
We get noticed!
Being the first Bakfiets in Belfast is one thing. Twin babies always attract attention so having twins in a unique bike adds to the spectacle. We even ended up with a full colour photo on the front page of the local newspaper! As we live in the north east of Ireland which has changable weather a roof was needed for the bike. We were going to go for an orange tent to match our fancy bell, but the tent was quite big. So we opted for the convertable (cabriolet) .  Its great as you can pull it up and down intstantly on any trip when it rains or get windy. If you have an afternoon of guaranteed dry weather the tent comes off in a minute and you can leave it at home.  The sitting up style of the dutch bike is comfortable for the rider and hub gears are handy.  Cant wait till I have enough saved to go back to see Joni and buy a standard dutch bike for myself for commuting.
So all in all the Bakfiets is a great bike for familly cycling in all weather and thank you Bear Bicycles for bringing Dutch Bikes to Ireland. The bike is quite expensive and we are now skint but time spent on your bike with children is priceless and provides perfect memories.  Just be prepared to be the centre of attention!

Cycling Symphonies by bear bicycles and Dutch Embassy Dublin

Cycling Symphonies‘: classical music performed on classic Dutch bikes.

It’s what bear bicycles and the Dutch Embassy Dublin organised this summer. Together with Amsterdam Choir ‘De Stemming’, bear went on a hit and run concert tour with its Dutch bicycles, performing on all sorts of public locations.

This video give you a good impression of the cycling symphony day.

Classical Music on Classic Dutch Bikes: Cycling Symphonies

This video shows you one of the songs performed by the cycling symphony choir.

Cycling Symphony: Choir de Stemming sings at College Green


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