Cool Customer: Steven Patterson

We recently received a letter with photo’s from Steven Patterson. Steven lives in Belfast, works for ‘Sustrans Northern Ireland‘, and has a wonderful young family. He is also our first customer in Northern Ireland to purchase a delivery bike. We’re so happy with the letter, that we’re sharing it here!
Hi Bear Bicycles!

Six months after we had our first daughter I was in Amsterdan for a reunion with some childhood friends and in between the rest of the fun I bought a child seat for the front of my bike.  This was great and from when Anna was a year old we cycled everywhere. When she was 3 she progresed to a back seat.

The arrival of our lovely twin girls in August 2010 presented us with a challenge as I wanted to get cycling with them as early as possible.  My wife would not be so confident cycling with babies so I had to find a bike that carried them both at once. Following a bit of web searching  the Bakfeits seemed to be the clear winner and my mind was made up after I saw the Princess Film on the Bear Bicycles site, but how to get one from England to Belfast was the next problem to over come.  Imagine my relief when it turns out Bear Bicycles had them imported and all I had to was to get it back from Dublin.

With a combination of bungees staps and removing car seats I squeezed it into an estate car and drove back to Belfast while the rest of the familly went by train.
Its a great bike to ride and Lily and Grace love it.  No matter how restless they are in the house – believe me, two babies crawling around the floor at times can be stressful, so getting out for a bike ride is great. The twins love it , looking around themselves, taking in nature and waving at people. I can also see what they are up to. We live beside a traffic free cycle route – the Comber Greenway which is heaven on earth and its nice to get away from traffic.
We get noticed!
Being the first Bakfiets in Belfast is one thing. Twin babies always attract attention so having twins in a unique bike adds to the spectacle. We even ended up with a full colour photo on the front page of the local newspaper! As we live in the north east of Ireland which has changable weather a roof was needed for the bike. We were going to go for an orange tent to match our fancy bell, but the tent was quite big. So we opted for the convertable (cabriolet) .  Its great as you can pull it up and down intstantly on any trip when it rains or get windy. If you have an afternoon of guaranteed dry weather the tent comes off in a minute and you can leave it at home.  The sitting up style of the dutch bike is comfortable for the rider and hub gears are handy.  Cant wait till I have enough saved to go back to see Joni and buy a standard dutch bike for myself for commuting.
So all in all the Bakfiets is a great bike for familly cycling in all weather and thank you Bear Bicycles for bringing Dutch Bikes to Ireland. The bike is quite expensive and we are now skint but time spent on your bike with children is priceless and provides perfect memories.  Just be prepared to be the centre of attention!

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